Paper Types Explained

  • 31 May 2013
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When you are choosing a paper for your project, what do all the paper terms mean?

Paper Types Explained | Anchor Print NelsonArt
A type of coated paper.

Coated paper
Paper which has received a coating on one or both sides providing an even surface.

Uncoated paper
The general name for paper grades that have not been coated. Often surface sized to increase surface strength.

Paper with a texture.

A paper which shows an even texture rather than a parallel line pattern.

g/m2 or gsm
Abbreviation of grams per square metre. A method of indicating the weight of paper or board (whatever the size of the paper/board or number of sheets in the package) on the basis of weight in grams per square metre.

Art Paper
This is a term used to describe the best quality of coated papers that have a coating of china clay or other mineral applied to each side of the sheet, which is then 'calendered' by steel rollers to give a gloss finish.

Matt coated paper
This paper has calcium carbonate added in its production to make a more satin effect from an art paper. These papers, due to the process, are more prone to rubbing when printed and need to be sealed.

Cast Coated Papers
This paper has a very high gloss finish achieved by using a special coating and the surface is then polished by stainless steel drying cylinders.

Watermarked Paper
An impression is pressed into the top of the sheet on manufacture. This is normally used in high quality writing papers. i.e. Conqueror. Clients can have their own watermark put into a sheet if required.

Wove and Laid papers
Wove is a plain texture and laid has a series of ribbed lines running through it.

Carbonless - self copy paper
Paper specially coated to produce an image in black when pressure is applied. Used extensively in sets. There is a top , middle and bottom sheet with the coatings applied accordingly.

Matt uncoated boards in white or tinted ranging from 200micron thickness to 750 micron.

Bank and Bond
Bank paper is under 63g/m2
Both are essentially stationery papers supplied in a variety of colours with a matt uncoated finish. Papers for copiers and printers are subject to more stringent moisture contents.

Mechanical pulp print paper containing a small percentage of chemical wood pulp. Grammage 45-50g/m2
Mechanical pulp is produced by grinding wood mechanically and is used in cheaper papers.

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